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Equipping Believers with Knowledge that Changes Lives

Cast Your Nets Ministries

CYN has a mandate to help the body of Christ walk in wisdom, power and authority. Through our online courses, financial programs and ministry outreach we are impacting lives for Jesus throughout the world.

Experience Financial Breakthrough

Cast Your Nets does more than teach about being prosperous and blessed. We have innovative programs that help our community grow real wealth. For instance, our Alternative Retirement Program produces a 25% return each year for 3 years!

Take Advantage of Free Online Courses

Not only do we have strong Biblical teaching but we provide practical instruction on subjects including blockchain and cryptocurrency, retirement, marketing, sales and more. We believe that the body of Christ should be well-equipped to serve and influence the world around us.

Help Reach the World for Christ

Our ministry partners are actively serving, evangelizing and helping those in need throughout the Earth. Jesus’ Great Commission wasn’t a nice suggestion. It is why we are all still here! We have Good News to spread. Your partnership with CYN accelerates the proliferation of the Gospel.

Worship & Pray With Us

Join us every week as we worship Jesus and encourage one another with powerful teaching and preaching. We are not meant to do this journey alone. Be a part of a vibrant community with a unified vision to make a difference everywhere we go. We are better together!


"It Was Really A No-Brainer"

"Cast Your Nets has kept every promise that they have ever made. So when the Alternative Retirement Program was introduced, it was really a no-brainer for me to participate in it. We have already seen the fruit of the harvest! The first return came exactly as it was promised and it was significantly higher than anything that I have ever received as a return in the past!"

Pastor Jeeva Sam

"It is an Amazing Prayer Answered"

“They walked us through the process and it was a blessing. It is an amazing prayer answered to get to know this group. The way that they treat you, the way that they teach you and lead you for a better outcome on your retirement. I recommend you guys try to get to know Cast Your Nets Ministries.”

Joanna Hiraldo

"I Trust the People"

“Cast Your Nets Ministries has given me the opportunity to really upgrade and have an alternative retirement program that is really helping me to be more productive in my life. I know the people. I trust the people. I like the people. But more importantly I like what they're doing with their financial programs. It's about an influence. It's about making a difference.”

Dr. Joseph Umidi

"I'm Happy I Came On Board"

“I've got dreams. I've got visions. I've got things on my heart and it takes money to do those things. I was happy I came on board and pulled some of my IRA out. I have got to say that everything that Steve has promised, anything he has said he would do he has done. I've gotten one Harvest return and another one is on its way!

Carol Thiesen

Partners & Associated Ministries

The Unbreakable Marriage

Jeeva & Sulojana Sam teach you the exact process they have used to guarantee breakthrough for couples facing breakdown in as little as 10 weeks.

Joseph's Mission

Joseph’s Mission is a non-profit organization that strives to help those most vulnerable in our society including addiction recovery, basic needs assistance, and transitional housing.

Pakistan Ministry Aid

Pakistan is in desperate need of strength from their Christian and Evangelical communities. We have worked alongside the local pastors to expand and assist those who are in need.

Romania Mission Support

We are bringing hope and redemption to people from all walks of life. We work with a number of dedicated missionaries and churches, providing basic necessities to the marginalized.

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