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Learn everything you need to know about NovaTech FX. This course teaches you all the ins and outs of the NovaTech back office as well as how to build a massive business generating recurring revenue every week. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Basics

This first course of the Blockchain specialization provides a broad overview of the essential concepts of blockchain technology. Learn how the blockchain is driving innovation and competition in the fintech industry.  Register now.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Advanced

Advance Your Skills In The Blockchain. Do more than just understand blockchain. Learn how to harness its power. Register now.


The truth is that NO ONE is a born salesman. Yet everything revolves around sales.  This selling system is designed to help you identify your ideal clients, weed out who will not buy, and start more interesting sales conversations. Avoid the hundreds of potential pitfalls... including self-limiting beliefs. Learn how to Sell More & Sell More Easily. Start Now <<


Staking involves holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet. Staking locks up your funds for a specific agreed time to receive rewards. It may be useful to think of staking as owning stock and earning dividends.