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Our unique articles, books, resources, courses and instructional materials are designed specifically to help you navigate today’s economy safely and confidently. At Cast Your Nets, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most current and relevant information in the market and delivering it in a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-action way.

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The Bitcoin Revolution: The Great Wealth Transfer Is Here

Get practical guidance on how to get started with Bitcoin investing.

Key Principles For Financial Breakthrough

Find out God's plan for prosperity for your spirit, soul and body!

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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Basics

This introductory course provides you with the necessary foundations for understanding the new world of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency. You will receive a broad overview of the essential concepts of blockchain technology, and it’s driving innovation and competition in the fintech industry. If you are new to these concepts, it’s recommended you begin here.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Advanced

This is where practice becomes practical. After you have the basics under your belt, this advanced course kicks it up a notch by taking you to the next level of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency skills. Don’t just know about cryptocurrency; discover how to harness the power for yourself.

Sales Training

Everything revolves around sales, yet this knowledge is never taught in schools. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the selling system we live in, including how to sell more and sell more easily.

Financial Strategies

The financial strategies in today's economy are much different than they were even ten years ago much less 50 to 100 years. As the landscape changes we are keeping you informed on the latest tactics to help manage your finances wisely as well as participate in the wealth transfer. Learn about: staking, trading, mining, AI algorithmic trading, dual investment, hodl-ing, scalping and more.

Finance & Money

There is both a spiritual and practical perspective on Money, and taking this course will enable you to become a great steward. What does the Bible say about money and finances? Is money really the root of all evil? Are you a saver or an investor? Money doesn’t grow on trees, so how can you make money grow? What is the rule of 72? The wonders of compound interest. Practical ways of keeping track of your finances. Do I need to budget, or should I just trust God?

Growing With God

In this course we will cover all aspects of your relationship with God including: The Father’s Heart, The sacrifice of the Son - Jesus Christ, The indwelling Holy Spirit, Hearing God for yourself, Do I need a regular Bible reading plan? Going Deeper, Answering the Call, The Way of Jesus, Prayer, Repentance, Forgiveness, Marriage, Children and much more!

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